Companies which are in the process of setting up the factory for the Prefab MEP Modules Production. This certificate shall serve as a partial fulfillment for the full certification of the Prefabricated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme. Company have to complete the full accreditation process by undergoing Prefab Module Production Audit.

Plant CategoryExpiry DateStatus
Accesstech Engineering Pte Ltd
Distribution System30.04.2023-
Accesstech Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module30.04.2023-
Active Fire Protection Systems Pte Ltd
Distribution System31.01.2023-
Active Fire Protection Systems Pte Ltd
Plant Module31.01.2023-
Addcel Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module20.08.2022-
CAE Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module29.06.2022-
Carrier Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Distribution System20.01.2022EXPIRED
China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch)
Distribution System27.02.2022EXPIRED
D-Team Engineering Pte Ltd
Distribution System31.01.2024-
D-Team Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module 31.01.2024-
Distribution System31.05.2023-
Distribution System31.05.2023-
Fuji SMBE Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module15.06.2023-
Fourway Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module31.08.2023-
Gammon Pte. Limited
Distribution System07.11.2021EXPIRED
Great Resources M&E Contractor Pte Ltd
Distribution System30.09.2022EXPIRED
GSM Pte Ltd
Plant Module18.08.2022EXPIRED
Kong Hwee Iron Works and Construction Pte Ltd
Distribution System31.08.2022EXPIRED
Koyo Engineering (S.E. Asia) Pte Ltd
Distribution System22.08.2021EXPIRED
Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd
Distribution System29.02.2024-
Paw Leck Engineering Pte Ltd
Distribution System13.01.2022EXPIRED
Powen Engineering Pte Ltd
Distribution System15.04.2023RENEWED
Power-Plus (S) Pte Ltd
Plant Module20.07.2022EXPIRED
Precast Concrete Pte. Ltd
Distribution System26.12.2021EXPIRED
Tech Onshore MEP-Prefabricators Pte. Ltd.
Distribution System21.08.2021EXPIRED
Thermal Pte Ltd
Distribution System31.10.2022EXPIRED
Thermal Pte Ltd
Plant Module31.10.2022EXPIRED
Tong Loong Engineering Pte Ltd
Plant Module31.10.2022EXPIRED
Trans Equatorial Engineering Pte Ltd
Distribution System08.08.2021EXPIRED
Unistream Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Plant Module30.04.2023-
Winner Engineering Pte Ltd
Distribution System31.05.2023-
Yenn Dar Pte Ltd
Distribution System31.03.2023-
Zheng Keng Engineering & Construction Pte. Ltd.
Distribution System01.04.2023RENEWED
Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Distribution System15.01.2024-